Who the hell are you?

Well, good question. I'm a 35 year old computer technician, and untrained electrician, plumber, mechanic, electronics enthusiast and all round tinkerer.

My main job is in computers for one of the UK's largest independent computer manufacturers. After having enough of the end user repairs and support side, I have moved to the technical department where I help test new products, BIOS, keep production running through our test software and am also learning image deployment for Windows, powershell and SQL. Busy, Busy, Busy...

In what spare time I have I'm also a father to an eight year old boy and an uncle to his sister. Kids have way too much energy.
I also repair items for people when the need arises, which ranges from phones, tablets, appliances, computers, whatever breaks really.... In what spare time I have after this (it isn't much), I like to tinker, build and repair.

This website ill hopefully document some of my successes and many of my disasters as I go through these.

Like a complete idiot, I also forgot to take a backup of my previous site, so I'm having to re-write everything and play catchup again. I am a quirky writer, so please bear with me.

Apart from all this, I also like to fit in movies, TV shows, music, and web design. Well I say web design, I just usually use free templates and modify the hell out of them as I don't have time to write one from scratch, or learn all the CSS.

Lastly, please forgive any crappy spelling or typo's, I'm writing this in notepad++ in code view, and have the worst USB keyboard ever! My nice Microsoft Ergo keyboard is a little broken and I've not had time to fix him yet.